NPI Welding

Fabrication Welding & Cladding

After 30 years of working with qualified suppliers 
to handle our welding needs, we are bringing these processes in house to better control price, 
 delivery and quality.

With the combination of welding and machining, 
we feel we will be able to offer our customers truly unique solutions to their manufacturing needs.

Clading equipment


Horizontal, Vertical

and Tilt Cladding System (GTAW)


Rotating Head Cladding System (GTAW)
Dimensions: 80” OD to 60” lg 
(could be expanded)


Compact Bore

Cladding System

Sub-arc welding

Lincoln DC600

10ft x 10ft manipulator by weldwire
Aronson 10,000lb positioner

Welding processes

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